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Private View @ The Long White Cloud

Thursday 15th November

18:30 - 20:30

Well as it currently stands, the exhibition will reach it's final venue tonight. The walls of The Long White Cloud are now bare and awaiting the 'Step Into My Office' show's arrival.

If you have not already seen it then this is the perfect opportunity to do so and if you have then come on down anyway and have a drink to celebrate.

You can find The Long White Cloud at

151 Hackney Road
E2 8JL

Print Discount during Oct/Nov

To celebrate the exhibition being included in the East London Photomonth program we are running a 20% discount on all prints.

The offer is only valid on orders placed during october and 


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All of the images in the exhibition are for sale. 
They are printed on Fuji DP2 paper at a pro photo imaging lab.

The larger sizes are limited edition's of 30 prints and will be signed and numbered on the rear of the print by my self.

You can view the images very large in the Flickr set where you will also find the name 
and size of the prints.

Due to screen differences, gamma setting, the internet etc, print colour may vary slightly from how you are viewing it on you computer.

Prices are as follows:

Print Only

6x4        £16
12x8      £64
15x10    £70

Mounted And Framed Prints

6x4        £28
12x8      £95
15x10    £105
The prices have been altered to include the 20% Photomonth discount.

The 12x8 and 15x10 frames are made from sustainably sourced pine
and fitted with glass.

6x4 frames are black foil laminated MDF and
also fitted with glass.


Payment can be made via Paypal or Banktransfer. Cash on delivery is also accepted for central London deliveries as I can courier the print out to you my self.
You can also purchase the prints via the venues while the exhibition is on show.
Contact me for more information.


Frames will be fully bubble wrapped and securely packed within a cardboard to insure their safety during shipping

Free postage is available for 'print only' sales within the UK
 6x4 frames within the UK - £3 Signed For Service
 Large frames within the UK - £9 Signed For Service

Print only within EU - £1.50
6x4 frames within the EU - £8  
Large frames within the EU - £20

To place an order or make an inquiry please send an email to

Alternatively call on 07886 19 19 48


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Here you can find a slide show of the exhibition along with images of the actual work as it takes up residence in it's wonderful venues.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The East London Photomonth program is now out and my shot of the double rainbow is featured on the front cover. 
Step Into My Office is showing at 4 different venues during Photomonth so be sure to catch one of them

The exhibition as it now hangs in the wonderful Russet cafe

             The exhibition now hanging at Double Negative Darkroom


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**The images of the venues in this post are not mine**

Double Negative Darkroom

178a Glyn Road
E5 0JE

6th August - 31st August

Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm
Sat: 11am-5pm
Sun: 11am-4pm

After opening in 2009 down in Hackney Wick, the Double Negative Darkroom has recently relocated to 178a Glyn Road.
It is situated just off the vibrant Chatsworth Road in a little yard occupied by various different artists.

The darkroom specialises in the many different weird and wonderful forms of analogue developing and printing and is run by the very passionate Sebastian Sussmann.

For more info visit Seb's page here
or the Facebook page here

The Russet

Hackney Downs Studios
Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

3rd September - 7th October

A wonderful and friendly cafe/meeting place/gallery and so on.

Situated on Hackney Downs, the cafe is in a wonderful location. Serving up organic food and drink all day long and boasting a very comfortable interior.
It is very family friendly with a cosy corner that almost looks like someones living room, complete with a few toys to keep the small people happy.
The cafe also incorporates a large gallery space at the rear that is constantly in use, displaying the work of many up and coming local artists.

Find out more over on their blog

Biddle Bros

88 Lower Clapton Road
E5 0QR 

3rd September - 7th October

Situated in what used to be a builders merchants of the same name, Biddle Bros is now (and has been for quite a while) a lovely little bar. 
The very frequently have live entertainment in the form of DJ's, poetry, singers, band and open mic nights. These often feature up and coming artists, members of the local community as well as famous stars. Lianne La Havas recently played a packed out gig there.

Look Mum No Hands

49 Old Street

29th October - 11th November

Like bikes, coffee, cakes, beer?
Want to watch the latest races and tours on the big screen while you enjoy one of the latter?

Well look no further than here.
Located on Old Street, LMNH is a very large, super bike friendly, bike based coffee shop/bike workshop etc etc etc.

Since its launch, it has become a regular haunt for many a keen cyclist from near and far (as well as many a non-cyclist due to the great food and drink)

Check out their website for more info

The Long White Cloud

151 Hackney Road
E2 8JL

15th November - 5th December

The Long White Cloud is a fantastically intimate Kiwi cafe haven and an ever-evolving gallery space conveniently situated in the thriving centre of the capital’s art scene on east London’s Hackney Road.  Here you’ll find adelicious, locally-sourced, free-range menu of food, the best Monmouth bean coffee, as well as New Zealand treats for the homesick, or the curious! 

In the English summer evenings, they are open until late serving all sorts of lovelies including cakes, burgers, and nibbles, accompanied by a drinks bar with beer, wine and spirits.  

Amongst the art galleries and studios of Hoxton and Vyner Street, the cafe has an active exhibitions calendar of new and established artists of different disciplines, and hosts an array of art viewings, live performances and pop-up events. 

Have a look at their website and facebook pages for more info.  

Flyers and Posters

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Here you will find all the publicity images for the show and opening night events 


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Hi everyone and welcome to the 'Step Into My Office' blog page.

Here you will be able to keep track of the exhibition from the launch night onwards.

Here is the introduction to the exhibition.

I started working as a cycle courier at the age of 18
I am now thirty years old, married with two kids, and still a London cycle courier.....

It is a job that has had so many things written about it that it would be impossible to count. A job that is idolised, vilified, envied and looked down on. Hell, Hollywood just made a film about us!
We are the cool of the cool, the rebels against the grain, the dregs of society, the unemployable, the......

It's all rubbish

We are as normal and as diverse a group of workers as any other. From alcoholics to engineers, students to poets, artists and musicians, all walks of life are embodied and represented somewhere within the courier community.
What makes us different is that we are a family. We work together and we play together, even on a global scale. We have annual European and World courier championships with people travelling to the host city from all over the globe. Not necessarily to "compete and win", it's not about that. Its about meeting people, coming together to have some fun and actually connecting in this age of emails, texts and Facebook.

As a London cycle courier you are "self employed". An external sub contractor hired by the  logistic firm to deliver whatever the client wants. You have no sick pay and no insurance as no company in London will insure a working cyclist against injury. You have no guaranteed wage as it is a commission based, "pay-per-drop" kind of job. And a sucky as that is, I feel that it is also a huge part of why there is such a community and family feel to it. When people expect and demand so much from you and give so little in return you really start to realise who your real friends are.

One thing you do get with the job though, is your freedom.
You are not stuck in the office with the boss looking over your shoulder every five seconds. You are not sat at the same desk or stuck in the same building every day of your working life.
The bike is your desk, the streets are your office and from that desk you get to watch the greatest show every day. 

The life of a city as it unfolds

Riding the streets for nine hours a day gives you a very personal inside into what a city is feeling and how it is changing.
From little things such as the latest trends coming in and the previous ones fading out. The political graffiti that pops up and the demonstrations that become more frequent as the population struggles to make it voice heard.
From giant building sites that grind to a halt as a recession tightens its grip, to the land being snapped up at rock bottom prices as a result of that same recession.
It's is only as you watch this all day long on a daily basis, week in week out, that you start to recognise the signs and meanings of the things you see. 

It is then and only then that you get to start 'watching the show'

I have always loved this part of the job, Im nosey. I love to watch people, I love to eavesdrop, I just really enjoy watching how we as human beings behave.
When we think we are not being observed, On the phone to a friend, oblivious to the world outside of that conversation. People muttering to them selfs as they go about their business and people's natural reactions to everything around them.  All these funny little things that make us human.

I wanted to capture this 'show' through my photography and started to carry my SLR and spare film with me to work in my bag, every day. It's a heavy item to add to the already heavy bag of a cycle courier and there were days when I did not want to pack it.
I always regretted being camera less on those days so I stopped leaving it at home.

With the two way radio being the only link between a courier and their controller who is telling them what to do, a lot can be got away with. Stop for a chat, grab a bite to eat, swing by that shop you need to pop into. All done whilst you are supposed to be heading towards your destination. The faster you can ride and the better you can plan your excuses and reasons for a delay, the longer you can spare. Gps tracking? Find the right menu screen, shut it down and blame it on a bad signal. 
There is always a way.

I decided that if there was a photo to be taken and I wanted to take it then I would. 

The deliveries could wait...

This exhibition is a selection of some of my favourite images. A selection that I feel brings together a little bit of all the aspects I have been trying to capture. From the weird things you see to human behaviour you observe, the feel of the city as your intimacy with it  grows, to the family I joined all those years ago....

I hope you enjoy

Now please

Step Into My Office